Unified Access Service License Agreement

v) The licensee who provides the IPTV service periodically transmits the information requested by the government to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting or by its authorized representative with respect to the content and quality of the program, technical parameters, etc. with respect to the service in the format required from time to time by the government or its agent. 16.2 All disputes relating to this licence are subject to the jurisdiction of the Telecommunications Litigation Tribunal (TDSAT) in accordance with the provisions of the TRAI Act 1997, including any modification or modification of that licence. 5.1 The licensee reserves the right to change the terms of the licence at any time if the donor believes it is necessary or appropriate to do so in the public interest or in the interest of state security or for the proper execution of the telegraphs. The licensee`s decision is final and binding in this regard. 31.1 The licensee has the right to sell, rent, rent or rent the subscriber/mobile terminal. The correct use of the terminals by the subscriber is in accordance with the agreement reached between the licensee and the subscriber. 2.1 This licence is issued to provide „services“ within the meaning of point 2.2 of this licence agreement, on a non-exclusive basis, in the designated service area, and others may also obtain a licence for that service in the same service area. v) 3G spectrum block fusion: If the donor has not provided further information in a timely manner, two or more takers holding 3G spectrum blocks in a given basin may retain only one block of 3G spectrum and abandon the remaining 3G spectrum blocks in that watershed. 10.8 It is the licensee`s responsibility to maintain the QoS for the period during which the notification of the licence is served, and if the QoS is not maintained during that notice, it is liable for the payment of damages. The amount of damages to be paid is determined by the TRAI. The licensee is also required to pay the fee until the end of the notice period, and more specifically until the effective date of the rebate/re-termination.

(ii) Revenues from WA services are shown separately in Schedule II – Revenue and royalty format as amended; 31.2 The licensee is responsible for ensuring that the participant`s terminal is operated in accordance with the terms of the licence and the WPC licence. The SIM card in the user terminal is not transferable.

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