Ana Media Buying Agreement

Models such as ANA`s are a good starting point for understanding the state of the market. However, with market development, regular audits can facilitate and maintain the highest level of transparency and partnership over time. It is not enough to enter into a comprehensive contract unless you are able to validate terms and conditions, ratios and immerse yourself deeply in supply chains, thought processes and advertising expenses. In addition, we all know that turnover takes place and that chains of command can change. Effective management of contracts and agencies requires a review and re-evaluation of agreements as part of these changes, to ensure that new stakeholders are current and coordinated, both internally and with the Agency. The ANA contract exposes media agencies to many new risks. It is important to eliminate them as quickly as possible, without disrupting your business. The new model updates the original published in July 2016 in addition to the ANA`s pioneering report on media transparency, produced with K2 Intelligence, and an episode report from Ebiquity and FirmDecisions, which made recommendations to achieve media transparency. Both models were developed by the ANA in collaboration with the law firm of Reed Smith, the ANA`s general counsel. And there is also an additional rating to define the „principle or inventory premium“ and the „sale of principle or inventory“: the K2 Intelligence report found that mark-ups can range from 30% to 90% for main sales or inventory (. B for example, undisclosed services, proprietary media, etc.). When you run a media agency, you have to decide for yourself whether or not the media works meets these new conditions. If not, you may lose customers in the audit or have a major drawback if you set up new customers.

Or maybe both. We created the AANA Media Contract and AANA Media Contract Guidance Notes models to help advertisers gain more transparency about the performance and effectiveness of their media investments. We are committed to providing advertisers with guides and tools that enable them, as buyers of agency services, to assume primary responsibility for implementing their own diligence and contract management. The revised proposal also covers „value pots,“ rebates and incentives, on which a depositor has a proportionate share.

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