Ryanair Interline Agreement

In all of these partnerships, the exact details will vary depending on the agreement reached. I hope this will provide a useful overview to demystify some of the partnership terminology, often used by airlines around the world. The next step forward is again a complete joint venture. When airlines enter into a joint venture, they become a large airline that cooperates on everything from planning to pricing, and that divides revenues among themselves. The details of how this type of agreement works are attributable to the airlines concerned. Code actions are essentially joint marketing agreements between airlines that allow an airline to place its own flight code on flights (piloted) by another airline and sell tickets as if those flights were theirs. There are many (and some consider too much) code actions that work today. When code actions are involved, the airline that places its code on the flight is designated as a marketing company, and the airline that actually performs the flight is designated as the exporting airline. There are actually two types of code sharing.

The first (and most people don`t notice much) is regional contract flights. Here, the airline that makes the flight does so under a contract for a major airline and does not sell its own tickets. You see it a lot in the United States, where major airlines assign flights and market them with the American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express brands. Sometimes the airlines (operating) are full third parties (z.B Skywest, ExpressJet) and sometimes low-cost subsidiaries of the parent company (z.B. Envoy Air is a subsidiary of American, Air Japan is a subsidiary of ANA and Rouge a subsidiary of Air Canada). But in any case, these flights will be treated as if they were the marketing company`s own flights, and you will always check in with the marketing company, its baggage will apply and the transfer rules will apply. This is the second type of code sharing that receives the most attention. Here, major airlines file their codes on flights of other major airlines, such as buying an American ticket with an AA flight code and discovering that you are actually travelling on a British Airways flight. Codeshare partners should not be in the same alliance, and there are many examples of airlines from competing alliances, z.B code-sharing codes.

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