Subscription Agreement Form

PandaTip: This is a subscription contract to a limited liability company or „LLC“ in the United States. It contains provisions similar to those you can find in a subscription contract for a company`s shareholders, but there are some important differences. 2.7 Confidentiality: The subscriber undertakes to keep confidential all non-public information about the company that he may acquire under this agreement. The company may impose a duty of confidentiality on individuals regarding information disclosed by sources other than the company. The subscriber was given the opportunity to obtain (1) additional information to validate the information contained in the memorandum and all the appendices and parts, (2) to assess the benefits and risks of an investment in the business and (3) to ask questions of the company and obtain answers and documents from the company on the terms of the company`s offer, all to the satisfaction of the subscriber. 3.1 Refusal: The company may choose not to accept the subscriber`s subscription at any time before closing. If the company does not accept all or part of the subscription, the company will refund all of the money to the subscriber in connection with the refusal. 2.1 Access: The Subscriber agrees that all documents and recordings relating to the investment have been provided to the Subscriber and his advisors and/or accountants for verification. The subscriber also acknowledges that he has had the opportunity to obtain additional information and verify the accuracy of all documents, to ask questions and to obtain answers from the company representative.

To assess this investment, the subscriber relied only on the documents and questions/answers mentioned above. Download the Subscription Contract Model The company was created as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) under state law [STATE] by filing its [COMPANY NAME] certificate with the Secretary of State in [STATE]. The subscriber wishes to subscribe [NUMBER] of shares (hereafter referred to as „shares“) of the company`s stock at the reference price of [DOLLAR AMOUNT] per share. The company wishes to issue the subscriber a member interest in the form of [NUMBER] of shares. What is a subscription contract? A subscription contract is a contract between a service provider and a subscriber that defines the exact details of the subscription, for example. B the duration of the subscription, the associated fees and the termination procedure. 3.5 Standard: If the Subscriber does not comply with its obligations within five (5) days of receiving a notice from the company, the entity may refuse to issue shares to the subscriber (if an error occurs before closing) or cancel all securities, rights and shares of the company (in case of error after closing). A subscription contract is a promise of a company to sell a certain number of shares to an investor at a specified price and the promise of an investor to pay that price. If you are a private investor in a business, you are known as a subscriber. A subscription contract is a promise of the company to sell a number of shares to an investor at a specified price and an agreement from the investor to pay that price.

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