Maria Hengge

Actress, Writer, Director, Producer

Maria Hengge




Maria Hengge was born March 22nd 1970 in Chicago, IL, USA and grew up in Munich, Germany. She studied acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna and worked at the Vienna Burgtheater as Member of the Ensemble for six years. Since then she arranged several theater projects on her own and worked in films for TV and cinema. In 2005 she studied feature film dramaturgy and film aesthetics at the Film University Berlin-Babelsberg and realized her short film THE LAST BUS in 2008 and the feature film SIN & ILLY STILL ALIVE in 2015 as writer, director and producer. Both films were presented in more than 30 international film festivals. SIN & ILLY STILL ALIVE won numerous awards and was screened in cinemas, in schools and is digitally distributed worldwide by Daredo GmbH. LORE´S HOME is her second fictional feature film in development and won the Filmarkethub Script Mentorship Award at FEST New Directors New Films Pitching Forum in Portugal 2022.



Maria Hengge, BVR, Filmography

  • 2008 THE LAST BUS, 11′, color, 35mm, abadon production
  • 2015 SIN & ILLY STILL ALIVE, 71′, color, DCP, abadon production & nanookfilm
  • 2022 LORE'S HOME, in development

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